DIO Returns, at the O2 Islington

DIO Returns

  • Date:
    December 2017
  • Venue:
    O2, Islington.
  • Category:

DIO Returns, a separate entity to the DIO Disciples, is the tour which features the Ronnie James Dio hologram. That the tour was conceived, proved to be a contentious decision. Its certainly an innovative idea and a couple of bars into King of Rock and Roll I was hooked.

That Ronnie James Dio is an colossal icon in Metal history is without doubt. The man possessed a truly unique voice – instantly recognisable – and contributed to some of the genres most respected vinyl releases. The band were tight and played with aplomb covering earlier Dio, Rainbow and Sabbath songs and it was a quality memorial evening.

From a technical point of view, I had a photo pass as thus went armed with the Fuji X-T1 (50mm lens) and X-T2 (55-200mm) which was a great experience. I was restricted to only shoot from the back of the packed venue. Lucky I had the foresight to bring a small step ladder.

It was the first outing with the X-T2 and the first real go with the 55-200mm, both of which performed well. Hopefully I'll get the chance for another shoot with these guys in 2018.

The Metal Talk review can be found here.

DIO returns, at the O2 Islington
Bjorn Engelen from the DIO Returns tour, at the O2 Islington
Tim Ripper Owens from the DIO Returns Tour, at the O2 Islington
Scott Warren on the DIO Returns tour, at the O2 Islington
Oni Logan on the DIO Returns tour at the O2 Islington
Rocking out to the DIOO Returns tour, at the O2 Islington
Simon Wright on the DIO Returns tour at the O2 Islington
The DIO Retuns tour at the O2 Islington