For my second Mearfest , it was off for a weekender to the legendary rock pub The Carlisle, in Hastings.

Fifteen bands, spread over two days, was a test of stamina as well as an opportunity for a first full outing with the new Fuji X-T2. And it performed rather well with both 35mm and 50mm f1.2.

Given the number of photos I was likely to take, I reverted to a RAW only workflow and this is now my favoured method for concert photos.

My workflow is to manually copy each bands photos into a separate folder, filter using Mac Photos, export favourites to combined folder, then import these into Lightroom for ultimate selection, editing and export.

This is now my preferred method for working - fits in nice with shared folders to the iPad, iPhone, etc.

Venue was a cracking one, sound was fine and all was very friendly. My only criticism was that the over stage lights could have been sorted better - stage left and drums were very, very dark.

All bands performed with great gusto - there was not a weak link there at all.

Low resolution photos, in no particular order, here. The bands were Gang, Satan's Empire, Dealer, Paul Stead (The Darker My Horizon), Nitroville, Kaine, Neverworld, Toledo Steel, Malleus, The Filth Hounds, Hamerex, Twisted Illusion, Osmium Guillotine, Desolate Pathway and State Of Anxiety.

Youtube photo-video can be seen here featuring the excellent track Mollys Smile by Twisted Illusion.

See my Facebook page for more photos for each band.

For the earlier Newcastle Mearfest, see Mearfest North